Pop Culture & Sci-Fi Meetup Group.

Starship Mawson are organisers of special events in the greater Adelaide area. We specialise in creating and organising unique popular culture events, displays and exhibitions for cinemas, museums, shopping centres, libraries, school groups, community organisations and as part of major festival events.

We present talks on classic and popular culture literature as well as conduct film events and workshops on special effects makeup and prosthetic construction.

Our broad spectrum of popular culture allows us to to be utilised in all arenas of the entertainment industry.

You can book our services direct from this website and we look forward to enhancing your event's image!

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Our 2017 action packed meet-up calendar is already filling up with great events!

Like to be a part of it?



March 18 - Starship Mawson's Fringe Meetup finale!

March 31 - Starship Mawson's foodies night at The Edinburgh Castle Hotel from 6.45pm  



April 8 - Encounter Bay Celebration. Starship Mawson has an expo booth all day. Join us in Victor Harbor for a fantastic event!

April 22 - Adelaide Comic and Toy Fair. Make sure you pop by our stand!


April 25 - Starship Mawson's ANZAC parade meetup and luncheon



May 5 - Starship Mawson's Harry Potter meet-up @ The Producers Hotel!